Corona Virus Statement

Corona Virus Statement

We have carefully considered that Scotland and Wales have already cancelled grassroots football and only one local league will play this weekend.

Further we must presume that these cancellations will continue for 10-12 weeks and once stopped it will be difficult to restart without contradiction.

This is clearly a difficult position for SUFC and whilst we wont perhaps please everyone, Peter, Carl & I propose a strategy for the coming days and weeks.

Our Decision

Saturday training will continue until (a) schools are closed by the government or (b) The FA advise otherwise.

All LDRL games are already cancelled, but WJYFL games remain at time of writing.

As families you must decide on training or not, and we will unequivocally respect your views.

This choice applies equally to The Clubs volunteers (Coaches).

Happy to receive individual views but please remain polite and respectful as we are trying to make the best of a bad situation.

Leigh Tricklebank
The Chairman

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